Who Am I ?


Rob Wiltsher

Welcome !

A long time ago when I was very young indeed, my grandmother used to whip out all sorts of jars and bottles every Christmas that were full of interesting smells and colours. Then I found that you could actually eat some of it too ! There has definitely been something passed on through the generations as I seem to have inherited this passion. I also inherited my grandfather’s passion for gardening and geneaology, but that’s a story for another day…..

I work full-time as a public servant. Weekends and evenings however will often find me elbow-deep in onions, rosehips, citrus fruits or anything else that I can use and then sometimes trawling the hedges and countryside around Bristol for those elusive sloes, elderberries or wild fruits to turn into preserves. There are few smells so delightful and enticing as the smell of caramelising red onions or home-made lemon curd, that it is sometimes a wonder that anything ever makes it into a jar at home but it does…

Enjoy the site and why not get in touch ?


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