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Regularly seen being made chez Wiltsher…


Apple Butter – I have a work colleague who, I am convinced, takes baths in this stuff as she cannot get enough of it. I would not perhaps recommend that but it is really gorgeous all the same. Recommended to be spread on thick, crusty bread or any other way you like it…contains cooking apples, orange juice, ground allspice, ground cinnamon and granulated sugar

Apple, Cider, Rosemary & Sage Jelly – Just wonderful with pork or sausages. Very herby and very popular ! Contains cooking apples, lemon, granulated sugar, dry cider and sage leaves

Apple and Wild Blackberry Jam – Seasonal only I am afraid but the apples come from my neighbour Simon and the blackberries come from the hedgerows around Bristol so it is very much a case of ‘naturally made’ with zero air miles for the fruit ! Really lovely texture and colour and the taste is heaven on a plate

Autumn Chutney – Perfect for those occasions of beer and cheese. Contains cooking apples, marrow, pears, plums, onions, tomatoes and garlic with a hint of mixed pickling spices thrown in for good measure

Banana Jam – Naughty but nice. Wonderful on crusty bread or toast or (as some of my customers have been known to do) straight from the jar !

Beetroot Relish – made exclusively from my own home-grown beetroot on my allotment with air miles of 4 1/2 minutes walk, so you can be sure of where it comes from ! Contains beetroot, caster sugar, shallots, cider vinegar, pickling spices and granulated sugar

Chilli Jelly – wonderful with cheese or cold meats. Strong but not overpowering. Contains red chillies, red pepper, jam sugar and cider vinegar.

Christmas Jam – very festive smell and taste.  Contains cinnamon, cloves, apples, oranges and cranberries. Now a firm festive favourite !

Dumpsideary Jam – a wonderful way to use up all those surplus plums, pears and apples (which is how it started) and is absolutely gorgeous. Made it for the first time recently and will now become a firm favourite, I think. Contains cooking apples, plums, pears, granulated sugar, fresh ginger, lemon juice, lemon zest and grated nutmeg

Lemon Curd – It gives me great pleasure to say that this is nothing like the lurid, bright yellow stuff you buy in the shops which is full of preservatives, e-numbers and colourings. All that goes into my lemon curd is butter, sugar, lemons and eggs – and that’s all ! Eat it any way you like, whether it be on toast or thick, crusty bread (or, like one of my more popular customers, straight from the jar !)

Marrow and Orange Jam – a recent addition to my range of preserves. The marrow has a very subtle taste and is beautifully mixed with the strength of the oranges to produce a really lovely marmalade-like jam that is perfect on toast with a nice cup of English Breakfast Tea – it is, should I say, one of the best things that I have made yet and a perfect start to the day ! Contains marrow, lemon juice, orange juice, orange zest and jam sugar

Orchard Cottage Chutney – a recent addition to what I make and has proven very popular indeed. Contains plums, tomatoes, malt vinegar, garlic, onions, raisins, cooking apples, demerara sugar and pickling spices

Oxford Marmalade (see blog for ‘January 2014’) – much darker and more intense & richer than the usual marmalade I make. Feedback suggests that this may be more to many peoples’ tastes ! Contains Seville oranges, demerara sugar, granulated sugar and black treacle

Plum and Ginger Jam – I only started making this at the beginning of 2016 to see what it would taste like and it has already become a firm favourite with a few friends. Lovely mix of bite from the ginger and a fruity taste from the plums

Quince and Apple Jam – a lovely fruity mix and perfect for a Sunday afternoon of scones and a pot of tea. Contains cooking apples, quinces, sugar and lemon juice.

Red Onion Marmalade – gorgeous with cold meats, cheese or in a sandwich. Apparently really good when cooking sausages too ! Contains red onions (increasingly organically grown 4 minutes walk away on my allotment !), garlic, olive oil, mustard seeds, thyme, muscovado sugar, black treacle, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar,

Seville Orange Marmalade – When in season, this really is the best marmalade that can be made. I sell a lot of this and is unbeatable for consistency and taste. Contains Seville oranges, lemon juice and granulated sugar.

Spiced Mango and Plum Chutney – very fruity but really lovely…contains mangoes, plums, pears, onions, garlic, fresh ginger, golden caster sugar, muscovado sugar, cider vinegar, mustard seeds, ground coriander, ground cumin, dried chillies, star anise and a cinnamon stick.

Three-Fruit Marmalade – there are few better ways of starting a new day than having this on crusty bread or toast and a nice cup of tea. Contains grapefruit, lemons and oranges



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