STOP PRESS …. Read This Space

No Post-Brexit Price Increase !

October 22nd 2016 – That’s right ! Contrary to many other retailers, there wil be no price increases for Rob’s Preserves that may be considered due to some decision or other that I read in the news about leaving the European market. Salut !

Rest Over !

July  13th 2016 – Started making things again. My allotment plot is absolutely groaning with rhubarb and blackcurrants so jam-making beckons……

Having a Rest !

February 3rd 2016 – 2016 has got off to a very busy start, both at work and at home so I am having a break from making preserves for the moment, I am afraid. However, do let me know if you would like anything and I will let you know when I start up again.

Thanks !

Rob x

Price Rise

3rd January 2015 – Unfortunately, from January 1st 2015 onwards, the price per jar will be going up to£2:50 per jar from the previous £2:00 due to the continuing increase in ingredients. I do hope that this will not deter you from continuing to enjoy my preserves but you may wish to know that I will now be charging just £4:00 for 2 jars as before. Thanks for your understanding !


R x


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