Sloe Wine

This makes a beautifully coloured ruby wine and is very easy to make from all the sloes that appear on British hedgerows around August/September time.


750g sloes
125g raisins
750g granulated sugar
2 litres of boiling water
1/2 tsp yeast nutrient (available from any brewing shop)
1/2 tsp pectolase (available from any brewing shop)
1 Campden tablet (available from any brewing shop)
Champagne yeast (available from any brewing shop)

All the above ingredients can be doubled up and in fact this is highly recommended but just remember to get more bottles !


Large fermentation bin
Potato masher
Large piece of muslin
1 x gallon demijohn
Airlock and bung (available from any brewing shop)
Siphoning tube


1. Thoroughly wash all the sloes, removing insects, leaves, stalk, etc
2. Place sloes in the fermentation bin
3. Cut up the raisins and add to the bin
4. Cover with 1 1/2 litres of boiling water and mash with the potato masher until the liquid can be seen to be of a dark purple/blackcurrant colour
5. Leave to cool, then add the pectolase and Campden tablet
6. Leave for a day by which time the colour should have deepened further
7. Boil 250ml of water, dissolve 2/3rds of the sugar in it and add to the above liquid
8. Now add the yeast and nutrient and stir well. Leave for 10 days
9. When 10 days have passed, strain wine into a demijohn. Squashing the sloes will make the wine cloudy so try not to do this
10.Boil another 250ml of water, pour it over the remaining 250g of sugar and stir it in a separate receptacle until it dissolves. Use this to top up the demijohn.
11.Stick an airlock on the demijohn
12.After a month, strain again, returning it to a thoroughly cleaned out demijohn and continue to do this until reasonably clear. Allow to ferment (ie until the bubbling stops in the airlock) before straining into clean, sterilised bottles
13.Leave for at least a year while you go and do something else…..

Chin, chin…!


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