Sloe Gin

Sloes tend to appear on British hedgerows about September time but with the changes to our climate,they have been appearing earlier in August. Anyway, it is a good excuse to get out there and enjoy the countryside on a forage or a ramble (as if you needed an excuse !)

I have made this for years and have to report that it is simply gorgeous and worth making for the beautiful ruby colour alone. Makes for a great Christmas or birthday present too !

250g sloes
375ml gin (supermarket gin will do just as well as the posh stuff)
170g granulated sugar

The above amounts can be easily doubled up but you will, of course, need a bigger jar and more bottles…

1. Thoroughly wash all the sloes and put in a freezer
2. When ready to make, defrost the sloes andput into a large Kilner-type jar (or anything else that can take this amount of liquid such as a demijohn)
3. Cover the sloes with the sugar. Top up with the gin and shake (the jar, not you…), placing thejar in a cool, dark place. Remember to return to it regularly, giving the jar a shake for a period until the sugar has dissolved. Do this for approximately 3 months
4. Strain into clean, sterilised bottles, seal and label
5. You can drink it straight away if you have no sense of self-control or patience whatsoever,but is best left for as long as you can as it improves with age (unlike me…)


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