Orange Gin

2 large oranges (Seville are best but any large oranges if you can’t wait until the Sevilles are out)
110g of granulated sugar
1 clove
1/2 a litre of gin (supermarket brands work just as well as the posh stuff…)

All the above amounts are easily doubled up and recommended, but you will of course have to obtain more jars and more bottles

1. Pour off 125ml of the gin and put to one side
2. Carefully pare the orange rind (try & avoid the bitter pith) and add to a large Kilner-type jar or similar (such as a demijohn) that can take a litre of liquid
3. Add the clove and the sugar to the liquid
4. Top up with the rest of the gin to just below the surface
5. Leave the bottle in a cool, dark place for 3-4 months and shake every day (that’s shake the bottle, not yourself….) until the sugar has started to dissolve
6. When all the sugar has dissolved, syphon into bottles, seal and label. Patience is a virtue as it improves with age ! Best, like me, to make as much as you can and hide some away to be forgotten about !

Chin, chin !


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