Damson Vodka

Again, like Sloe Gin (see separate recipe),this has a beautiful, ruby colour. It is actually quite nice to drink, too…..

375ml vodka (the supermarket branded stuff is as good as the posh stuff for this sort of thing)
125g granulated sugar
250g damsons

All the above amounts can be easily doubled up and in fact this is recommended- just remember to allow for more bottle and a bigger jar


1. Thoroughly wash all the damsons and place them into a freezer for a few days
2. When ready to make this recipe, defrost and place them in a large Kilner-type jar or a demijohn
3. Add the sugar, then cover with the vodka
4. Shake (the bottl/jar) vigorously and continue to do so for the next 3 months until the sugar has dissolved
5. Strain the liquid into clean, sterilised bottles, seal and label
6. Best left for as long as you can (at least for 6 months if you can) before drinking

The damsons left behind will be pretty potent by this time and are delicious with ice cream !



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