” I purchased two items from Rob recently, a red onion marmalade and some apple butter. I ordered them on the Monday and they were personally delivered to me by Midday on Tuesday! They were still warm when I received them which was brilliant! I was very happy with how much was in the jar for the price and had the red onion marmalade for my lunch and it was lovely! I have ordered 6 more jars today to give out for Christmas presents. Very happy customer!! Thank you Rob!! “ Karen

” My son and I have so far tried the marmalade, which is lovely and my son has nearly finished the jar; the Chilli Jam and the Apple Butter which are both also very good! Regards.” Joanna 

We polished off the rest of the chili jam last night, would you be able to ask for another jar? I think we are addicted to it now so may need a constant supply! It goes amazingly with baked camembert! ” Dan

“ I tried your red onion chutney last night with some breaded camembert – it was lush!!!! “  Helen 

“ I’ve just checked out your webpage and I love it!!  Kirsty’s photos are fantastic and make your food look even more delicious than I know it already is !! “ Alex

” Yummy! Thank you………………! ” Sarah

” Have personally experienced the marmalade and it was excellent, Rob – well done ! ” Liz T.

” My husband Tim brought back your Apple and Wild Blackberry Jam which we had at breakfast this morning.. seriously yummy! ” Kate

” Just having toast with your Apple & Blackberry Jam. It is really lovely.” Tracey H.

” Rob – I have to say your Beetroot relish is absolutely delicious, my fav sandwich of the moment is:  fine slice of beef, rocket on GI seed brown bread, with “Rob’s Relish ! ” Cath C.

”  I am eating the apple and wild blackberry jam at the moment and its lovely!!! ” Sharon M.

” Hi Rob – Thanks for the Jams, they taste fab! ” Marsha

” Hi Rob. I tried both of your jams last night and am hooked. They are the best jam I’ve had “. Stuart

I couldn’t wait to open the lemon curd last night which was delicious and this morning I tasted the (3-fruit) marmalade and that was just as lovely ” Amanda



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