November 2014

Been reading up on what is required from food labelling and it all appears very complicated, but I am now planning to assess and redo all my labels to :

  • standardise labels (with particular colour subsets) for each preserve type (one set for jams, one set for marmalades, one set for jellies, etc)
  • include allergen information (even though this does not feature greatly in my preserves)
  • use correct font sizes and have more rear labels



2 thoughts on “November 2014

  1. Hi and welcome ! I have recently signed up with the FSA so get the latest news and press releases about food hygiene and regs ! Latest news is the need to include allergy details on your labels. I have to do this with my Lemon Curd (eggs and butter) and Mango & Plum Chutney (yellow mustard seeds which may contain a trace of sulphur dioxide). The minimum font size also has to be 8-point. A fellow preserver also gave me a formula to work out % of sugar and fruit – that’s next ! Let’s help each other ! I wish you well….


  2. As fellow Jam Maker who is trying to get my head around the new regs!
    Do you state the g fruit per 100g, and sugar content?
    Up until last year I only sold at a Country Market, as a small producer we did not have to add these statements to the label. We didn’t even have a Best before date!


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