January 2015

Another new year, another resolve to progress Rob’ s Preserves even further ! The bad news is that a few weeks ago, I sat down with my extremely Excel-friendly OH and looked at costs, profit, etc and we worked out that sadly, some of my preserves were guaranteed to lose money on every jar. This is largely due to small number of jars produced in each batch combined with a large number of ingredients to make them, mixed in with the costs of the ingredients. Sooooo…….this sadly means that I may not be making some of my more well-known preserves to sell any more : sorry ! An example I am afraid is my delicious Spiced Mango & Plum Chutney which takes 17 different ingredients to make, would you believe.

However, it’s not all bad news ! Last night I made some delicious Orange Curd for the first time (using a bain-marie method) and it is absolutely to die for so that may become a new favourite ! New things are being tried and tested all the time and many of the trademark preserves I make may well stay – watch this space ! My order form will be updated every time something is removed and every time something gets added…..


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