….and Finally a Big Thanks To…

Just a name-check to some people without whom, etc, etc……

  • My family for love, hugs, putting up with years of sticky floors, grumpy moods when things didn’t go right, endless sessions as official testers and tasters, etc, etc
  • Nigella Lawson for inspiring me all those years ago with my first ever attempt at making preserves with her Chilly Jelly
  • Kirstie Young for the wonderful photographs. An absolute professional who has a consummate skill at making the ordinary extraordinary…
  • Clippy McKenna for being an inspiration, in both business and preserve-making. Defender of the Great British Apple and disappearing British orchards. Also runs many wonderful courses
  • and finally YOU if you have been so kind as to buy my preserves over the years…..and are continuing to do so. You know who you are and I owe you so much

Love, hugs and things on toast….. xx


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